WyCo Residents to See Improvements in Trash Collection Services

For the last year, KCK residents have experienced numerous problems with their trash service. Late pick-ups have caused hundreds of calls the Unified Government’s 311 customer service line. The Unified Government is pleased to inform residents that Waste Management, which recently acquired Deffenbaugh, is taking serious steps to improve trash service in our county. The Unified Government has collaborated with Waste Management to take major steps to improve residential trash and recycling collection service. Waste Management will be implementing the following changes to provide improved service in our community and to ensure that these delays do not occur again. The changes are as follows:

  • The number of trash routes and trucks will increase from 12 to 14/15 per day
  • An additional recycling truck will be added each day
  • The new plan is expected to speed-up pickup times by several hours per day

“I am pleased with the strategy Waste Management has proposed to improve the quality of trash collection services our residents have come to expect,” says Doug Bach, Unified Government County Administrator. “Seeing an increase in the number of drivers on our streets to improve reliability and timeliness of service is a big win for our community.” Mayor Mark Holland, along with UG staff, made improving trash service a priority. Earlier this year Holland met with Waste Management executives in Washington, DC. “They pledged to get to the bottom of the problem and come up with solutions,” said Holland after the meeting. “The transition for Waste Management into the Kansas City market was not an easy one, Rich Sarac, Senior District Manager, acknowledged. ‘Unfortunately, Kansas City, Kansas residents experienced service delays last year. We apologize for these service delays and the inconvenience they caused to the residents.’ ”

The additional trucks and other changes are expected to be in effect by the end of April 2017.