Our Mission:

"To stimulate, promote and encourage the revitalization of the downtown area as a thriving and profitable center of business, commerce, culture, residence, entertainment and other activities"


What's going on in Downtown KCK?

Welcome to Downtown Shareholders!

Big News: Downtown Shareholders Launches New Pop-Up Business Program

Interested in contributing to downtown KCK's revitalization by contributing property or obtaining short-term, low-cost storefront or office space for your business? Great news -- we've got opportunities for both as part of our new program, Pop-Up! Downtown KCK! Check out our RFPs for entrepreneurs/business owners and downtown KCK property owners. Responses are due at 5 p.m. on April 10.

Solicitud de Propuestas de Negocios Pop-Up! Downtown KCK

Pop Up! Downtown KCK es un nuevo programa que tiene como objetivo facilitar la creación de empresas emergentes en el centro de Kansas City, Kansas. El objetivo del programa es crear un centro vibrante que sirva como un destino para el Condado de Wyandotte y una mejor ciudad de Kansas. Para lograr esto, Pop-Up! Downtown KCK permitirá el arrendamiento a corto plazo de las tiendas vacías en el centro de Kansas City, Kansas, haciendo coincidir los empresarios que buscan iniciar un negocio o probar el mercado del centro sobre una base a corto plazo con los propietarios que tienen tienda a pie de calle y cuentan con espacio disponible para oficinas para su ocupación.

About Us

For many years, Downtown Kansas City, Kansas has been a hub for government, education, finance and professional services.  Recently though, living in Downtown KCK has become increasingly popular - evolving our community into a thriving residential center for urban dwellers. Our convenient, historic neighborhoods offers a strong sense of community and a home right in the middle of everything happening in the Kansas City Metro Area. Exciting new restaurants, trails, theaters, coffeehouses, farmers market, retail stores, churches, art galleries are just a few amenities in Downtown KCK -- so much right outside your front door!

With all this excitement, there is a renewed spirit of optimism in Downtown KCK.  It is truly becoming one of the most dynamic places in the region to work, live and play.  The Downtown Shareholders are proud to be a catalyst in this great revitalization. We trust that you too, will come to appreciate all that our Downtown has to offer. Join us in revitalizing KCK - the best is yet to come!

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